bell hooks (1994) described education as the “practice of freedom.” She believed teachers who quest for self-actualization through on-going critical reflection are “better able to create pedagogical practices that engage students, providing them with ways of knowing that enhance their capacity to live fully and deeply” (p. 22).

Week 1 | What do I bring to the mix as a learner?

Scholarly Tasks [bring a paper copy of your work to our first class meeting]

  1. READ: Goodman (2008), Chapter 12, Challenging the Dominant Discourse, p. 237-255. [see copy of WK1_Reading below]
  2. WRITE: "What the bleep does that mean?" and "Let's rap about it." [see details for WK1_Writing in doc attached below]

Resources for in-class work [items we might explore in class together]
Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Learning Style Inventory

How People Learn – Using learning theory to inform instruction.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's pyramid gets a much needed renovation