Judith Llyod Yero (2002) in her book, Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education, wrote "Everything a teacher says and does springs from that teacher's inner reality—the worldview, beliefs, values, and other thinking processes that are so familiar they become invisible. These hidden foundations profoundly influence the behavior and perceptions of a person or institution."

Week 2 | How does what I bring to the mix impact my teaching and students' learning?


#1 READ: Judy Yero's "How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education"
#2 READ: David Hansen's "Teaching and the Moral Life of Classrooms"
#3 WRITE: Create a post on your personal blog or wiki (the one you created for EDCI5825) with three hyper linked content-area specific resources (websites, texts, videos, other artifacts, etc.) you would like to use as a teacher. Write a description to go along with each resource that provides a rationale for selecting the resource. Your rationale should include a description of your beliefs about:
  • How people learn,
  • How "good teachers" teach, and
  • How students develop competency in your content area.


Jerrid Kruse aka @jerridkruse "Science is messy" [low-fi classroom video]

Whole Brain Teaching: Sixth Grade Math Class

"Dead Poet's Society" [The "rip it out" scene.]

Dr. Sugata Mitra's Minimally Invasive Education

Born to Learn

How the Brain Works

Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory

Week 1 T2P follow-up