In Teachers as Intellectuals, Henry Giroux (1988) stated, "Schools need prospective teachers who are both theoreticians and practitioners, who can combine theory, imagination, and techniques" (p. 8).

Week 4 | What are the prevailing theories and models of learning? [Part 2]

Scholarly Tasks

1. MEET: George Siemens [@gsiemens on Twitter]. He proposes a theory of learning called connectivism. Check out his blog. Watch the two videos below.

2. MEET: Nel Noddings. Her focus is on the role of care in teaching and learning. Read her essay "The Ethics of Care and Education."

3. MEET: Sugata Mitra. His research, the "Hole-in-the-Wall" project, led him to propose a learning scenario he calls "minimally invasive education." Watch the video below.

4. RAWK!: Open the Learning Theories Rules! google spreadsheet. Create a copy for yourself (rename it and save it). Fill-in the columns for the theorists.

  • Rows 2-8 (you have all the answers)
  • Rows 9-14 (only the theorist you investigated in class during week 3)
  • Rows 15-17 (week 4 new information)


Motivation and Self-Determination Theory Key Points